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Ultrinsic and Intern Bar sponsor free open bar meetups in NYC
July 19, 201103:45pm posted by 
Want to take that special someone out but can't cough up a fortune on buying her drinks? Ultrinsic made sure you won't need to spend your hard-earned money and is proud to announce its partnership with Intern Bar in NYC! As an Ultrinsic member you will now enjoy your weekly open bar meetups all across Manhattan with other like-minded Ultrinsic members, for FREE!

For the free open bar, register at Ultrinsic for free by clicking here. You will enjoy Intern Bar's coolest events in the nicest venues New York City has to offer. Come with your college and intern friends,
and enjoy the open bar, every Thursday.
Invite your friends and earn cash rewards
September 09, 201002:59am posted by 
Ultrinsic is a cool idea and you will likely tell your friends to join even if we didn't offer you any rewards. We thought it would be a good idea anyway. Now, when you get your friends to create an account, you will earn a cash bonus equal to 5% of their total winnings for every semester until they graduate college. How about that for extra credit?
Ultrinsic expands to 36 schools nationwide
August 10, 201004:25pm posted by 
Thanks to the students at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania that joined Ultrinsic in the 2009-2010 academic year and made it a success, Ultrinsic is expanding to allow students at 34 additional schools to take part in Ultrinsic.

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