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How it began

Ultrinsic is a web based incentive program that allows college students to invest money in their future academic performance.

Ultrinsic lets students set target grades and choose cash incentives based on their individual educational goals. The incentive is created by the student and Ultrinsic each contributing money to the final reward that the student can earn by achieving the target grade.
Ultrinsic puts college students in control of their own motivation and lets them reap immediate rewards, making school a fun and exciting experience.

Ultrinsic has recently been featured on national news publications such the Wall Street Journal, Fox News (Your World with Neil Cavuto), Fox Business, and CNBC.

Ultrinsic began in 2008 as a friendly challenge between Jeremy Gelbart and Steven Wolf. In an effort to provide Jeremy with motivation to study for an exam, Steven and Jeremy agreed to the following challenge: If Jeremy got an A on the exam, Steven would give him $100, but if Jeremy didn't get an A, Jeremy would give Steven $20. After Jeremy aced the exam and won the challenge, Steven and Jeremy began developing what is now Ultrinsic.

Ultrinsic Defined:

ULTRINSIC is an ULTerior motivation that produces intRINSIC love of knowledge.    

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